Continuous Recording stops after I view camera on tablet

My continuous recording works fine until I view my cameras on an Amazon Fire tablet. After that the recording stops. It’s kind of a pain because I like to watch that camera on the tablet while I am at work during the day. But it’s not recording anything for me while I’m watching. Not all of my cameras do it just two of them that happen to be using the same power. When I go to settings it shows that continuous recording is still on but when I leave that screen and go back it’s off. (at least that is what it did this time)
Continuous recording has been stopping on the camera for quite a while but I just now figured out that it is directly related to me viewing that camera on the tablet. I’m not using my main account to view those camers on the tablet. I created a separate account and share to it and use that account on the tablet. I suppose I should try with my real account and see if that makes a difference.
Anyone else experienced anything similar?