Continuous Recording question

I’m considering setting my V2 an V3 cameras to continuous recording. How long will they record before they write over the oldest content?

Depends on the size of the card and the resolution you save in. A 32GB in SD mode can save 7-8 days. In HD mode, 2-3. I do the 2-3 days, and it is rare that I want to go further:

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I’m getting 2 weeks on a Samsung 128GB Pro endurance.
/edit - I should have mentioned - the scene is highly dynamic, with a big screen Tv that’s on from 0500 until 2400.

It also depends on the activity level of the camera video. I have 64GB cards in all of mine and a couple get several weeks - but the image essentially never changes.
Especially if recording continuously, only buy high endurance cards (the Wyze cards are not). Here’s the ones I am using: