Continuous Recording From Base

My issue is this: I understand that WYZE did not implement continuous recording on the outdoor camera because it would drain the battery life, but what about the sd slot on the base station? Since the base station is powered by the ac unit, is it possible to utilize the base station for continuous recording? It would be like pressing the record button on my phone. The imagery would be recording from an alternative device with extended memory other than the camera, for example, the base station.

Please rethink what you wrote. To capture images one uses a camera. The base station does not contain a camera.

Are you proposing using your phone as a camera to stream continuously to base station storage? (Not that that is possible either.)

The microSD slot is just to keep local copies of the things the cam records.

As was already explained, doesn’t matter if the base unit is plugged in or not, it can’t record by itself, and it only works with WOC, so how can it do continuous recording?