Continuous record length, 128+gb cards?

How long is continuous record on a 128gb card? Has anyone used cards larger than 128gb? If so, did they work and how long is your continuous record? Thanks!

Continuous record on a 128 GB card is 8-12 days. That said, Wyze does not support use of cards over 32 GB. Many here have had no ill effects, though.

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There is a #wishlist item to make the video easier to deal with. Currently as @Newshound said its too cumbersome to mess with so I stick to the 32 Gig cards myself. The storage on the card is organized with a folder for each day, in that folder is a folder for each hour 00 to 23 inside each hour folder is an mp4 file for each minute of the hour numbered 00 to 59. So while cumbersome it is logical.

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Going back a week is quite simple… tap the Date and select the day, then hone in to the time.

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Yes indeed :blush: