Continuous background sound

I use my V3 cam as a baby cam for my toddler. The quality on it is great and much better than any of the toddler cameras that are out - especially at this price point.

However, I wasn’t sure if it has the ability to have constant sound in the background even when you are you looking at the video stream. Our actual baby camera by Nanit, which we use for our other child, allows the sound from the camera to be heard in the background on my phone when I’m using it for other things. Can I do that with the Wyze cam?

If not, I feel like a feature like that would really change the game for parents who want to have an ‘ear’ in the room without always having to have the app on your main screen.

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Welcome to the forum @bahl.raj.

The Wyze Cameras do not allow for audio streaming outside of the video live stream or playback (when you have the sound on) today.

There is a similar request in the wishlist thread here

One thing you could do (if you have not already) is setup Sound Notifications on that camera and adjust the sensitivity accordingly so that you can be notified of sound in the child’s room, and set to record when sound is detected so you can review the sound and video.


I see your link and raise you one sir. But you sparked my ideation @Customer.

If a Cam Plus subscriber you could use the web view to monitor and use PIP @bahl.raj . Not the same as a pure audio stream, but a way for monitoring in a multitasking environment.

@carverofchoice provided a use case for baby monitoring in here as well


I can’t think of why you couldn’t start the web viewer in a browser and then switch away? (No PIP required). The sound should continue. YouTube notoriously blocks this but that doesn’t apply here.

(Have NOT tested.)

Been needing this for a while!

TinyCam Pro for the win. Use the background audio feature.

Here is a video explanation how to set up!

Also, you’ll need to turn off the android battery optimization for the tinyCam app so that it’s not shutoff automatically in the background.

Hmm after more usage, looks like the latest V2 cameras support the audio, where as the older generation cameras, the audio codex seems to not be supported.