Continual "vehicle" notifications

I keep getting the same stupid replies to my tickets before they close them too.

“I turned off vehicle notifications - why am I still getting them?”

Have you rebooted your camera?
Is your firmware up to date?
This is by design.

So dumb. It should not be that hard to say “I don’t want to get notified about my parked car in the driveway all night long”


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Try turning off vehicle detections, works for me.

This is not a solution. It sounds as if you didn’t fully read the post, We do want vehicle detections. Even the first detection of our own vehicle when we first park is fine. Continued notifications is the problem. There needs to be an option to turn off continuous detection. I am assuming that recognition is too high a bar, but that would be awesome. The Wyze folks do a great job overall, and the performance of the cameras, especially for the price is great. This however is an oversight.

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Pretty sure we’ve all got that option turned off - and by turning that off - I shouldn’t still get “Vehicle Detected” notifications.

I’m just continuing to leave reviews everywhere I can in hopes that others move along to another company that actually works or cares enough to fix their software.

So what was the detected motion then? If the vehicle was not moving, then it wouldn’t trigger the motion detection. But if the vehicle was in view, it would trigger a recognized object tag for the video. Recognized object tags arnt necessarily the detected motion, just a signaling a recognized object within the event where motion was detected somewhere. Looks like you may want what this wish topic requests:


I believe it’s a flaw in how Cam Plus is processing the AI events. If I had to guess, I bet any time there is motion, the clip is being sent to another set of Cam Plus servers for processing - and that processing for some reason ignores the AI events/smart detection settings. So, say there’s a car parked in front of your house that isn’t moving, any other motion (i.e. a tree swaying) would end up triggering a vehicle event - and further notification. I have vehicles unchecked in my AI event/smart detection settings and get vehicle notifications ALL the time because of cars the parked on the street.

Tl;dr: any motion in a clip will cause a vehicle event/notification even if the vehicle isn’t moving at all. Despite what you have set in your AI event/smart detection settings.

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Exactly! We don’t need continuous notifications for parked vehicles. Or at least offer a setting to disable this.

This is what I’m seeing as well. Leaves blow or the trees move and suddenly I’m getting continual vehicle notifications.

How do we get some actual traction on this with wyze? Are there any mods or employees here or any folks know that we can tag?

As stated by one of the mods just a few posts above yours only a few hours ago, the official thread for this request is in the wishlist here:

The best way to get actual traction on something is to vote on it in the official wishlist thread and add to the discussion there. Most of the rest of the forum like this thread is intended for user to user discussion. The Wishlist is used by employees to gauge how much demand there is for a particular feature request.

Having said that, this request IS ALREADY listed as having a status of “In Progress - Researching” so it’s already getting some actual traction. In one post, Wyze employees said they currently have a prototype for moving object detection that was undergoing internal testing. It hasn’t graduated to public beta testing yet, and definitely hasn’t been launched officially yet.

Having said that, there are some cameras, like the Floodlight Pro which DO have a version of this already implemented. So we have seen some actual general progress.


Again, what was your detected motion for those events? If the vehicle was stationary, then that wasn’t the motion that triggered the event.

Like @carverofchoice stated, follow the link I posted in a reply of mine above, comment, like and vote on it to show support. Also set the topic to “watched” to be updated via the forum here to any changes updates or replies to that thread to that wishlist.


The trouble is - this should not be a “wishlist” item. This is not an enhancement. This is a bug and if this company were doing their jobs they would acknowledge that and fix it. If I told my customers that something like this wasn’t broke, it’s “by design” - I wouldn’t have customers anymore.

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The current cloud AI build tags events with recognized objects that are stationary or in motion. Probably through Community feedback it was realized that having only recognized object tags for objects in motion is a preferable method of tagging. Like @carverofchoice mentioned, this has been acknowledged by Wyze and that wish list request is being researched and is in progress.

Wishlist title:

Per the how to use the wishlist topic, this is what that means:

So it is acknowledged and resources have been put forth in that direction.


This is absolutely a bug and arguing otherwise is ridiculous. Especially since it used to work completely fine with a single camera cam plus subscription.

How it should work is very simple: if I have vehicles disabled in my smart detection settings, it should not be record ANY vehicle events. In addition, if I have my notifications set to “detects wyze ai events,” I should not be constantly getting vehicle notifications. However, cam plus is constantly tagging vehicle events as well as notifying me for every single one of them.

There are two issues at play here.

  1. Cloud AI tagging a vehicle even though it’s stationary and your vehicle notifications and/or vehicle events are enabled.

  2. Still getting vehicle notifications and/or events even though vehicle notifications and/or vehicle events are disabled in settings.

If you experience #1 and that affects you negatively, do support the wish list which is requesting the AI to be retrained at moving objects tagging only. If you are experiencing #2, then you need to contact Support and provide them with app logs when this is occurring so that it can be forwarded on to the developers engineers for investigation of the potential bug.

Yes - I have submitted logs to support several times for issue #2 only to be told that this is “by design”

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Same with me. Repeatedly given a cookie-cutter set of “troubleshooting” steps, then the ticket is closed. When I ask about the logs I’ve sent in, they tell me they don’t have access to the teams looking at them (which nothing has ever come of). Instead , they suggest I should simply sit back and hope the issue is fixed in a future firmware update. All while they’re happy gobbling up my cam plus fees.

They can’t access the logs, BUT if you give them the log numbers they will forward them to the dev team to troubleshoot.

The problem with logs is that without context (the issue you’re experiencing) the devs don’t know what to look for. So, customer service can’t help you specifically with the logs, but giving them the log numbers along with the issue you’re experiencing will help the devs figure out the issue and know WHAT to look for.


I definitely understand that. The only times I’ve sent them in have been when support has requested them and I’ve provided exact dates/timestamps with specific details. Then they always say thanks, they’re in someone else’s hands now, keep my fingers crossed for a firmware update, and close the ticket.

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Sounds like Support is doing their job of forwarding the log numbers and your experience on for investigation.