Contact sensot can't rsset - faulty pinhole

Got my starter pack today. One of the contact sensor will not reset. I put the pin in pinhole and I didn’t feel the click in the pinhole. The bridge won’t detect whether the sensor reset. The other sensors in the package were pair with no issue but this one won’t reset. I’ve tried removing and replacing the battery but it won’t work. Any suggestions on how to reset if the pinhole doesn’t make contact with the pin?

Which pinhole?
There are two, Someone else was pushing in the wrong pinhole until he read the instructions. unfortunately Wyze does not supply an online graphic.

I was using the right pin hole. Turns out the board wasn’t securely and properly aligned with the pinhole so the pin kept missing the reset button inside the pinhole. After I removed the back for the battery panel I was unable to press the board down so the reset button aligned up correctly with the pinhole.

Sorry no pictures.

I hope I don’t have to do another reset on thia particular sensor. It was hell trying to reset. The other sensors (which I reset before the troublesome one) caused no hassle.

Thanks for the response.

Now the sensor says battery dead. Second time I’ve changed the battery for the sensor. Useless.