Contact Sensor Signal Strength

I finally got around to setting up the last of the 6 contact sensors on each entrance. I already have been using one in mailbox since summer (battery may have finally died). The first 5 sensors had 3 bars signal strength, but the last one only has 1 bar. I’ve tried deleting and adding again, but it only shows 1 bar. This is 2 feet from the bridge and not attached to anything.

Does anyone know if there is easy way to increase the signal strength on this. I’m definitely seeing delays / non-reaction to opening and closing (I’m just doing this manually on table next to the bridge), or should I try to get replacement from Wyze.

My light bulbs and motion sensor and all the other contact sensors / cameras have been working OK since I received them months ago, it’s only problem w/this final contact sensor.

There’s a very lively discussion on that very topic here: Wyze sense / bridge range - #8 by Caryten

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