Contact sensor battery changed

Just got an app notification that my front door contact sensor needs a battery change.
I didn’t have a replacement battery at hand but I have 8 brand new ones I got 5 months back as backups, so I try to uses those.
None of them worked they seen to be all dead or dying.
I did a fast run to buy a new battery to prevent this sensor from getting bricked and it worked, the sensor is now back online.

My questions:
Do I need to put new batteries in the new contact sensors so they won’t get bricked when I need them in the future ?
Out of the brand new 8 contact sensors how many are or could be already bricked because of a dead or dying battery it came with ?

Thank you

I’ve seen that some people have good luck if they simply remove the batteries before they get too low. That being said, there is no way to really know if your unused sensors are bricked until you try to add them to your account. You might be able to make a determination if you put new batteries into them and get the multiple flash of the little red light indicating that they have failed.

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