Consumption missing in vacuum history

I have the original Wyze robot vacuum on latest firmware version 1.6.202.

I just noticed that in the vacuum history, the details for the individual cleanings no longer show the consumption, but rather 0%. I’ve gone back through two years of the history, and the consumption value appears to be 0% since the middle of last July 2023.

Can anyone else look and verify this behavior. Given that I have routine cleanings of the same area/duration, I would like to track battery consumption as the battery ages. Hard to do when the data stops being recorded.

I’m going to assume this is the fault of a a bug in an automatic firmware update sometime prior to the first 0% consumption reading.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same experience.

Mine cycles between showing 0% and showing some consumption. The ones with a star rating have consumption.

I’m stuck on an old beta firmware, it hasn’t changed since I got the vacuum ~2yr ago.

Same problem but with vacuum firmware 1.6.306

I’m still stuck on beta firmware 1.6.173. It was my pleasure to help Wyze as a Beta Tester, but I am no longer enrolled in the Beta Program. Why can’t I upgrade/downgrade this beta firmware to the production version? Can’t Wyze push the firmware update to my vacuum if I supply the MacID? Or can the USB port on the vacuum be used to install the production firmware? It is not fair to just leave us hanging with obsolete unreleased firmware! Here is a screenshot of the “current” firmware on the 2 vacuums we have: