constantly resetting devise

Hi guy’s,just a quick question…every time my wyze cam app get’s an update the light flashes on the back of the cam and when I open the app it say’s to (unplug and replug) the camara . I do and it goes thru a reconfigure session , sometimes 3 times but ultimately I have to lower my firewall level and restart the set up process…is this normal ? I LOVE the cam, but this a PIA !! If I leave for a weekend and get an update for the app, and I do the update, the system is down till I get back home to re start the thing ! Maybe I’m not doing something right…any thought’s ? Thanks Tim

Definitely not normal to have to re-run the setup on your camera whenever the app updates. It sounds like the app may be trying to update the camera firmware(?) or a part of that process never completed. Is this a v1, v2, or Pan? In the Wyze app does it say what the installed firmware version is for your camera (tap the gear icon at the top right > Device Info > Installed firmware version)?

Hello again , I have a V2,the app version is 1.4.43 and the firmware version is…when I go to the app under normal conditions it say’s , authenticating,connecting to camara 3/3,2/3,1/3 then sometimes does it again and then goes on…but when I get an app update it usually want’s me to do a unplug/replug and then I have to put my phone on wifi and take my firewall setting either to low or off before it will go thru the restart process…it always works after words but it’s a PIA to do it everytime…