Constantly going offline

I have had a wyze bulb white for 4 months now and it has some very bad connectivity issues.

I have the bulb placed upstairs in my room.

I have a mesh WiFi system, the main router is downstairs and I also have the 2nd router unit in the same room as the bulb

Yet my bulb is constantly been going offline lately. It’s practically useless .

I tell Alexa to turn on the bulb and she can’t connect to it bc it’s offline . I try and turn it on / off through the app and it’s offline , i have a location tule set to turn on the bulb when I get to my house and it’s off bc it went offline .

I constantly reset but it still is constantly losing connection, been going on for months now .

Any help here

The bulb is on

And the app version I’m running is 2.35.0(13)

I’ll submit a log for any devs who will see this and wanna get back to me. Log ID # 771534

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I have a few of these bulbs and I’ve noticed the same behavior. The app doesn’t indicate the bulbs are offline, but they can’t be controlled in the app, Alexa, etc. I have to physically turn them off an on for them to respond. And it’s always random bulbs. Never the same ones.

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I currently have 5 wyze bulb white .

4 of them have no connectivity issues whatsoever.

The bulb that’s upstairs id the one that has the connectivity problems.

I have a main router unit downstairs and another unit in my room where I also have a v3 , light strip pro , air purifier , base station for the WCO V2 all in the room with the satellite router unit

The bulb is the only one that goes offline on a daily basis. Not sure if it’s bc the device is relatively small and has a small antenna or whatever to connect to the WiFi .

I have a spare bulb from a 2 pack purchase , I will set it up and replace it with the bulb that has constant connectivity issues and see if anything changes. If it’s just this particular bulb or if the connection is too far . Although having a router unit in the same room should help it in this case but still it has daily drop outs… we’ll see

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Oh, that’s a good idea. Rule out an actual bulb issue/defect.

The bulbs that seem to have the issue for me are random, and I have a mesh system, but have never experienced this issue in the months I had them until the last 2 weeks or so.

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So I used a spare wyze bulb white I had and connected it to the floor lamp where the other wyze bulb was having issues with it going offline daily and after 2 days the second bulb is also now offline

So it looks like it’s not the device but more so the location of the floor lamp

I have a main router connected to my modem in the living room and I have a satellite router unit in my room with the lamp .

Not sure what’s causing it to go offline , could it be that the bulb is connecting to my router that’s downstairs and not the one in the same room?

I have a light strip pro , v3 , air purifier , and a base station for a wco all in the same room connected to WiFi but none of those devices go offline ever only the bulb … ugh