Connection major troubles

I have 4 cameras and 6 sensors or so I think on my network. A few month ago everything went downhill with the cameras staying connected to the same network I have always used. I’ve tinkered with the cameras, reset, re-pair, tried two different other routers (on Android and iOS) and so on. Nothing helped. One day Amazon came up with some big discounts on Yi and I said what the hell, Wyze doesn’t work anyway so I got three of their cameras. I have them for a month now and the connection did not drop once. I want to stick with Wyze for the 2FA and just because you seem to be a lot more trustable and your app is 100x better and I took the Wyze from my drawer and installed them again. Same, same… what a shame. I’m getting close to the 30 days period of returning the Yi; but I don’t really know if I should stick with the shiny Wyze, hoping something is going to get fixed one day, or the working Yi.
Need help, please!!!