Connecting Wyze Hub to Xfinity

Has anyone had difficulty connecting the Wyze hub with Xfinity. Have hard wired as well as Bluetooth connection on my Android phone set. The WIFi is set to 2.4. When initially trying to set up the hub the hub will not connect. Any suggestions? I am also working with support but wanted to ask the community.

I have my hub setup through hardwire into a network switch (And that switch is hardwired into the Xfinity data modem) with no issues so far… I think upon first connection it took a bit before it was in sync with each other… but shortly, the HMS hub recognized that it was connected by ethernet and was content and allowed me to continue with the setup…

Are you getting an error message? Or what is it doing or not doing…

What hub are you talking about the outdoor camera hub or home monitoring system hub?

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Valid point! I thought it was the HMS hub.

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