Connecting Wyze Bulbs to Arduino IoT

I recently purchased some Wyze smart light bulbs and thought it would be cool to control them from an Arduino instead of a phone. Instead of sliders on a phone app, I want to use potentiometers (physical knobs) to control the color temperature and brightness of the lights.

I have been able to write a simple program that controls values on a web interface from a physical knob, however I am uncertain how to go about linking this value with that of the Wyze bulbs. I have already asked about this on the Arduino Forum, and they were uncertain if it was possible. I figured I’d try asking here before resorting to more complicated methods.

Is it possible to achieve what I am attempting? That is, to control the brightness and color of Wyze bulbs from a physical knob/slider rather than a mobile app?

Everything’s possible. But I couldn’t tell you exactly how to do it. You could probably try to sniff the API call that the app uses and write a program based on that.

I was afraid you were going to say that. Do you happen to know of any tools that would be useful in tracing the API calls the app is making? If not, no worries, I’m sure I’ll find something.

I know how to do it with web stuff. For app-based stuff, I’m not as familiar, but I know it can be done. An emulator like Bluestacks might be helpful. I’m sure Google is your friend with something like this. Tools are going to vary depending on your OS, etc, too.

That’s the path I plan on taking. Thanks! I’ll try to post any findings here.

If it helps you, this exists, but it hasn’t been updated since any of the non-cam products have been added. GitHub - nblavoie/wyzecam-api: Wyzecam API reverse engineered to support Wyzecam alternatives applications.

You can always use a brokering service like IFTTT to do the heavy lifting for you: