Connecting Wyse

I have a wyse cam connected to my house. However, my niece needs a wyse connected in her room due to other family members going in and doing things in her room while she’s not home. The wifi she gets is only 5g. So is there a way I can hook up her wyse using my internet? The problem may be that my internet may not show up cause wherein different areas. Any suggestions? Please, someone. Thanks.

WiFi has a limited range. How far from your router is her location?

This doesn’t make sense. 2.4 GHz has a much longer range than 5 Ghz. Why do you have 2.4 GHz turned off?

Well from what I know, were about 20 mins away. So it’s like 13.0 mi apart. She gets wifi but the one she connects to has no password. Then the internet where she lives, her family will not tell her the password. If she finds it out, they change it.

What? You don’t live in the same house? Of course you can’t share your Internet with her. The only exception would be a cable company that hijacks its subscribers’ routers for wide area use, meaning your credentials might allow her to access "free* connections from her neighbor’s WiFi if you have the same ISP. But it’s not likely.

The internet isn’t hers. yet they don’t tell her the password. For some reason, the 2G doesn’t show on the list. She does get connection but I think it’s an open WiFi cause there’s no password needed. We tried connecting it with that WiFi but it didn’t work.

I see. Thank you for your response. I’ll see what I can work out.

Is the wifi ssid labeled with a 5g in the name? If you used a wifi analyser app on your phone you’d learn alot about what is available at her location.