Connecting to WYZE

Total newb. Can WYZECam connect directly to phone/tablet/laptop, or does it require an internet connection? I am looking to use a WYZECam on an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for exploring dangerous caves/mines. The camera offers more than what I need, but I need a direct link from camera to phone/tablet/laptop. The areas to be used in will be far too remote for inet connections. Thanks

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It needs an Internet Connection to boot up and transmit video.

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Sounds like what you need, but doesn’t work anymore.

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Honestly, even with the way it used to work, i don’t know if it would help or not. Depends how deep into a cave it’s going, I guess. You’d still need a wireless signal that would connect to both your phone AND the camera. Cave walls are pretty dense.

Thanks much everybody.

@NERDLAND; I can usually keep line of sight. I send the ROV in first, then walk along carefully watching the video feed. I mount a four gas detector on it, so if it hits bad air the alarm lets me know long before I get there. The video feed lets me know if the roof or walls are jinky. I also started fastening a 120 pound test line to the back after I lost one down a 1000 foot vertical shaft. LOL But better it than me.


We want pictures!!
That must be awesome!

If you can keep line of sight, you may be able to hotspot it off your phone’s Wi-Fi.

I don’t think his phone is getting a signal deep in a cave.

Once I connect to the my v2’s live feed, I can turn off the phone’s cellular and continue watching the feed on my phone over Wi-Fi.

Personally, I would use a Go-Pro or something that makes a direct connection to the phone but that is me.

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My understanding is that he and his phone are both outside of the cave.

Backwards. Camera and Phone/Tablet/Laptop are both inside cave. Areas are typically too remote for any wireless signal (even above ground LOL). Need camera that broadcasts its own wifi that phone can pair with. Bluetooth v5 may work as it specifies 100 or so feet of pairing ability. There are others I know will work, or can build something workable with RasPI, but the price of the WYZECam made it very nice if it would work.