Connecting time on Wyze Floodlight Cam

I just installed and setup a new Floodlight Cam v3. It is mounted on a garage that is separate from the house. I had to add a WiFi extender to the garage, after which I get full bars of signal strength under Device Info for the cam on the app. However, I have noticed that when I open the app it either often takes a decent amount of time to load / connect and other times it does not connect at all. What am I doing wrong here? I expected to be able to open the app and see the cam in near real time but that does not seem to be the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It very well could be a host of things going on. How are you verifying that the cam is connecting to the extender and not the root router? How are you verifying the connection speed on the extender? Is this a wired backhaul AP? Wireless? Or Mesh Router?

I had similar experiences with distant V3 cams around the outside of my detached garage. I installed a Mesh WiFi Extender on wireless backhaul in the garage. It didn’t help much. It kept cams from going offline, but load speed and SD Playback still suffered. The speed thru the extender just wasn’t enough. I scrapped the network and installed a 3 node full mesh on wireless backhaul where every node was a full mesh router, not an extender. I put one of those nodes in my garage. Those cams load almost instantly now.


It turned out I needed to reset the Wyze Floodlight Cam and have it associated to the extenders wifi SSID, since I did that its been functioning extremely well.

I greatly appreciate your response and insights, helped me narrow in on what needed to be done.


Glad you found a solution!