connecting through access point?

is there a way to connect through an access point from my Bridge mode Mesh system.

had to connect to my weaker 2.4 ghz network

Wyzecam only works on 2.4GHz wifi. If your mesh system is 5GHz only, then you cannot connect the Wyzecam to that.

Wondering which mesh system you are using.

I am also using a mesh network at home with a mixture of 2.4 only and dual band access points. I found that if a camera attempted to connect to an A/P that was 2.4 GHz only, it would work, but if it attempted to connect to an A/P that was dual band, it would not. I ended up creating a dedicated SSID that was locked to 2.4 GHz and then it worked all the time.
BTW, I’m using an Open-Mesh network. Very happy with it.

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My deco M5 is both , but , I couldn’t connect

through it , unless, I used my regular 2.4 router network

i will have to give it a try, I assumed it would connect automatically!!