Connecting a V4 to phone hotspot

I tried to connect my V4 to my oneplus 12 hotspot. It worked but when I turned off the hotspot and turned it back on, the V4 failed to connect again. I had to press the V4 reset button and add device with the same name to get the V4 connected to the hotspot again.

Have anyone experienced this ?

I want my V4 to be online continuously while I am in the park so that it can keep recording to the microSD card. It worked well and the only issue the V4 failed to connect to hotspot again after hotspot is turned off and on or the power bank disconnected and connected again to the V4.

Thanks a lot !

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Why not just use your phone to record a video? Or use something like a Go Pro or a Go Pro knock off?

I use a V4 as a bodycam, Its f/1.6 color night is very good for recording videos in low light. V4 will stop recording once it is offline and there is a power glitch, My power bank may not provide power stable enough for my V4 to keep recording. I tried different power banks. Sometimes the V4 records continuously and sometimes it does not.

Just found one bodycam with f/1.6 aperture but just 1 bad review.

SJCAM A50 4K30fps Body Camera GPS Wearable Police Camera with 8H Video Audio Recording IR Night Vision IP65 Waterproof 2.0 IPS Touch Screen for Law Enforcement Delivery Support Remote Control

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