Connected and working, the next morning not

Installed the V2 on the roof and tested it, all good, used it for the rest of the night and still good but then the next morning ‘the device is offline’ yet the other two cameras in the group are working fine. I power cycle the camera and now its gone into ‘ready to connect’ mode so ok I try to add it again as a new device but it won’t scan the QR code.

This is VERY annoying because I spend hours mounting it on the roof and if I have to take it down to press the reset button and re pair it randomly then its just another useless product on the market to me.

Do others have this problem or am I just lucky?

How far is the troublesome camera from your router? When it connected and working on the roof, what is the quality of the wifi signal on it (how many bars)? Does it work consistently if it is not on the roof, but closer to your router?

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And how far is the V2 from the power supply?

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In addition to what was already asked, how did you mount it on your roof? it is not rated for outdoors, but I like others have purchased an enclosure which seems to work. Asking, cause it could be moisture getting into the camera causing issues. When it dries out, it may start working again, depending on what it did.

I tend to agree with what @WildBill is asking, If you are getting sporadic signal to the roof, you will experience weird issues.

You are 100% correct it was moisture getting in the camera and once I dried it out it worked again. I have been using two other cameras for 4 months without issue by wrapping them in insulation tape, I didn’t do a good enough job on the third one it seems but fixed it yesterday and all good now.

My roof is on a truck, I make brackets out of alloy rivet them to the metal roof and then use double sided tape to attach the cameras to the bracket.

Having the same issues with the v3 camera and it’s mounted up high on the house and it’s no easy task to get to it.