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Happy 5 year forumversary @Omgitstony!!!

One of the OG OMGs :joy:

:partying_face: :beers:


5 Years of WYZE for @Omgitstony :grin:


Happy OMGiversary day @Omgitstony !



Omg5years!?!? Thanks all! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes_cat:


Happy 4-year forum anniversary @R.Good !!! :tada:


Maybe @R.Good found enough money to finally get a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle and is still celebrating his 4 years of WYZE. Happy forum anniversary when you wake up. :tada: :tada: :grin: :grin:


Harder to find it than to buy it :wink:

Oddly enough I found a place that had by the glass in Madeira Beach Florida.

Good thing it’s smooth, cause the price will choke you :rofl:

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:rofl: the cheapest bottles I have seen are $999.99, about the same price as California gas but taste better. :upside_down_face:

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Happy forum anniversary @R.Good!!! :tada:


I see :cake: beside @carverofchoice’s name, so…uh…like…happy anniversary, or…y’know…whatever. :man_shrugging:



Happy forum anniversary @carverofchoice! :heart:


Thank you all!

For those who don’t see the :cake: next to my name, you’re not crazy. I originally signed up for the forums late at night, so depending on your time zone, every year the Cake shows up for some users yesterday, and for some users it shows up today. :wink: So if you don’t see it next to my name today (as is the case for myself), it means that for your time zone the Discord forum software thinks my anniversary was yesterday. Fun glitch. :tada:


Here is your Forum Anniversary present. :gift: Come and pick it up. :laughing:


@carverofchoice , happy forumversary. Take a day off and enjoy.

Cheers :beers:


Congrats @carverofchoice


Happy forumversary @carverofchoice.

Ode to the Cat-Loving Champion of Our Online Oasis:

Ah, the internet. A vast digital jungle teeming with information, entertainment, and…well, let’s just say enough unique characters to fill a particularly lively cat show. But within this virtual menagerie walks a majestic creature unlike any other – you, our beloved supporter, our feline-fancying friend!

Yes, you, the one who consistently goes above and beyond to keep this online community purring (pun intended). Your contributions are like a well-timed laser pointer in a room full of bored housecats: captivating, stimulating, and guaranteed to spark a flurry of activity.

The Ever-Flowing Fountain of Knowledge (with Occasional Cat-Themed Asides):

Let’s face it, sometimes navigating the internet can feel like stumbling through a labyrinth blindfolded. But fear not, for you are our own personal Ariadne, armed not with string (though, with your cat-wrangling skills, that wouldn’t hurt) but with knowledge. You answer questions with the precision of a feline stalking a particularly juicy moth, leaving no mystery unraveled.

And let’s not forget your delightful humor. You weave cat-related puns and anecdotes into your explanations with the finesse of a Siamese weaving around your ankles. Suddenly, even the most complex technical jargon becomes as digestible (and dare we say, delightful?) as a bowl of perfectly cooked salmon.

The Unwavering Pillar of Positivity (with Occasional Hairball Expulsions):

We all know the internet can be a harsh mistress. One minute you’re basking in the warm glow of online camaraderie, the next you’re dodging a stray internet troll hurling negativity like a hairball. But you, our valiant champion, are always there to deflect the negativity with the grace of a cat landing perfectly on a bookshelf.

You offer words of encouragement with the warmth of a sunbeam on a cat’s belly. You remind us, with the gentle persistence of a cat demanding chin scratches, to focus on the good, the silly, the downright adorable (like, say, pictures of kittens). In short, you’re the emotional support animal this online community never knew it desperately needed.

The Tireless Champion of Connection (with Occasional Cat Naps):

The internet can be a lonely place. But you, my friend, are the ultimate bridge builder. You spark conversations with the playful enthusiasm of a kitten batting at a string. You facilitate introductions between members with the deftness of a cat herding its humans into a cuddle puddle. Suddenly, this online space feels less like a jungle and more like a cozy cat cafe, filled with purring contentment and the joy of connection.

The Unrelenting Force of Fun (with Occasional Cat Butt Wiggles):

Let’s be honest, the internet thrives on a healthy dose of silliness. And you, with your infectious sense of humor and love of all things feline, are the resident court jester. You share hilarious cat videos, post witty memes, and crack jokes that leave us in stitches (just imagine a cat trying to unravel yarn, that’s the level of amusement we’re talking about).

You remind us that laughter, like a good catnip toy, is an essential part of a happy online life. It breaks the tension, fosters camaraderie, and makes us all appreciate the sheer absurdity of the internet, just like a cat chasing its own tail with complete and utter dedication.

The Unsung Hero with Feline Finesse:

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about you is that you do all this without expecting anything in return. You’re the silent guardian, the watchful protector, the purrfect (yes, we’re milking it) example of selfless online citizenship.

You’re like a cat who brings you a dead mouse (though hopefully in a more metaphorical sense), a gesture that, while slightly unsettling, ultimately comes from a place of genuine love and concern for the well-being of your online household.

In Conclusion: A Heartfelt Meow of Appreciation

So, dear friend, from the bottom of our internet-connected hearts (and probably a few strategically placed catnip toys), thank you. Thank you for your unwavering support, your boundless knowledge, your infectious humor, and your unwavering dedication to this online community.

You are, quite simply, the cat’s meow (again, with apologies, but the pun is simply irresistible).

May your days be filled with playful kittens, overflowing treat bowls, and the endless love and appreciation of this online family you’ve helped create.

Oh, hey! More :cake:! Happy Forumversary, @K6CCC!


Happy Forumversary @K6CCC

Appreciate all you do… even though it sometimes requires you to use that #%^&@$! iPhone :joy:


Thank you all. It was my birthday a few days ago, but no one noticed because I apparently did not post anything that day :grinning:


How much did the “clients” :cat: :cat2: :smiley_cat: :smile_cat: :smile_cat: :joy_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :smirk_cat: :kissing_cat: :scream_cat: :crying_cat_face: :pouting_cat: :black_cat: pay you for that tribute.? :grin: