Confused by capabilities

Looking at buying wyze cameras to work with my amazon devices (dot, spot, 4K firesticks). I currently have cheap cameras that I use to watch my dog when he’s at home on his own…the heads go up and down and side to side. Does the regular camera not move at all? The pan cam, moves side to side, does it also move up and down?

The pan cam gives you the ability to pan tilt and limited zoom.

The non-wyze camera I have now is mounted on a shelf with the camera angled down at about 20° so I can view the floor…and the camera head goes up and down as well. How far down does this pan, if it’s sitting on a shelf about 4-1/2’ high…will it view down to the floor, or how can I mount this at an angle somehow so it will?

the eye of the camera can tilt up/down 93 degrees and has a 120 degree field of view.

it can see straight down.

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The Pan rotates on its axis almost 360 degrees. Please see the specs here.

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