Confirmation dialogs for app on/off actions (user option)

Being able to confirm and/or set a PIN for specific WyzePlugs’ ON/OFF feature would be a great help. The additional layer of security and also the ability to prevent accidental toggles would be a great help. For instance, I have a sump pump that is controlled with a wyzeplug, it would be cool if I could setup a pin and confirmation for this specific plug as to not accidentally turn it on/off. I also have an idea to use wyzeplugs to remotely switch my power hungry networking gear off and turn on power-friendly networking gear on, in the case of a power outage. I am wary to set all of this up as I am somewhat afraid of clumsily hitting the on/off toggle by accident. These are just a couple of ideas I have for this feature, but I am sure others would have other uses!