Completely Disappointed

This camera is really nothing more than a “cool” baby monitor. It scares me that people actually think that this should be used in place of an actual security system of sorts. Being an IT business owner, and seeing the number of people who want to install cheap substitutes in place of a real security system, is a huge concern. The clients I have come across who are looking for security cameras, I have them spend the money on the real deal and offers far more. You get what you pay for.

With all of that said, I did buy this camera to test out and see if it’s something I would offer my clients as a “monitor” of sorts and NOT used as a security camera. This camera was good for a while, but not long after getting it, the app gets buggy (sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t time will freeze for a couple seconds, sometimes more), the recording feature sucks…at best, and the cameras infrared switches on and off no matter if it’s day time or night time. One of the big limitations is being able to watch from a computer using other software. The only way I have been able to run it from the computer is running the app in BlueStacks. I don’t care to have my phone or tablet on constantly to watch the kids.

When I first received the camera, it was kind of like having a pretty new toy that showed up in a pretty little box, but that feeling slowly but surely faded as I kept using the camera. I really wanted to like it, I did, but I cannot see using this camera for much more than a baby monitor. Matter of fact, that’s kind of what I was using it for, for a couple months, and it no longer can do that so I took it down and it now sits in our “junk drawer”. Maybe I can use it for some kind of different application, but time will tell. I’am also curious why it seems there is no real means of leaving reviews on this product. Is that intentional?

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Are you kidding me? Where else can you get this much “value” for $20? For the price these cameras are AMAZING! High def video, sound, night vision, motion detection, ability to talk to camera from outside the home via app. I have found countless uses for mine.

Rather than put it in your junk drawer send it to me, I’ll pay the postage.

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I am using 9 V2 and 2 Cam Pan and replacing many of my Foscam cams. Though I like the V2 more than Cam Pan. I installed 5 V2 outside under the eaves and they work great so far.

Yesterday I ordered 2 amazon cloud cams, 50% off, since they have free 24 hours cloud recording of motion detections. I cancelled the order after reading about the cam depending completely on amazon servers and doesn’t work on Prime Day. All Wyze cams can keep recording on SD card even if wifi is out.

PC viewing is very crucial for actual monitoring and I hope Wyze are working on it. I have been using a Fire HD 10 and tinycam pro webserver to veiw cams on my PC. Yesterday I bought 3 Fire TV, 50% off, and used one for tinycam pro webserver. It is working very well.

We use it mainly to film hummingbirds, opossums, Chevy gluons and ectoplasmic bombs. To be able to view 3 live feeds on my iphone from a remote sight and scare my dogs thru the speaker at the same time, is worth the $20-30. There are glitches, but mostly they do what they say they do. Good luck.

p.s. I may be a robot.

I have 6 Honeywell IP-Cam_WO’s (weatherproof Outdoor IP-Cams) Which were “The Prodessional” security cameras when purchased 5 years ago.

The IP-Cam_WO’s Suck compared to the Wyze Cams, both send notifications the same. But the Wyze cams resolution and record times beats the “Pro system” hands down!

I even tried Honeywell’s latest version at 1080p and I prefer the Wyze cam still, To each his own but the Wyze cam IS Outperforming the professional cams which cost $10 month for monitoring/relay video services.

When Wyze Cam makes their Outdoor version the “Professional Security Cams” I have will be Obsolete!

Since it is Summer I have Wyze Cam v2’s placed near my outdoor “Pro” cams and comparing cameras, So far the Wyze cams are just as reliable as the Pro ones as far as notifications and the Wyze Cams have usable video compared to the Honeywell cams! I can actually read a license plate, cannot with Honeywell’s!

I have the same issues. I thought it would be a wonderful camera with the specs given but it slowly starts to malfunction. Not connecting, and struggles to get back online. I have one inside and outside. Both worked great but it seems after the last update, things went haywire.