Complete Scripting Environment

the following is the suggestion for the ultimate end all feature that wyze needs to have:

We all dreamed of having a house where you can walk in a room and a computer knows you entered that room, turns on the light for you, turns off the lights in the living room, and can close the doors, lock them for you before you go to bed, vacuum the floors, and turn on the alarm system.

In order to realize this dream, Wyze is actually getting closer. But we are missing one incredibly important facet to make this a reality so I will now suggest to you the gamechanger that will make Wyze the ultimate automation smart home product line:

The complete In house Scripting environment: WyzeScript.

I used to use an IRC client called KVIRC, and within this program, there was a completely documented scripting engine called KVIrc Scripting Engine. With only the help file function, i could look up how to do anything i wanted. So I made scripts to personalize my experience on IRC, i created a script that kept track of nicknames of people and their alternates, when they entered a room, it showed me other names they used. i could make the display show as i wanted, and stop the noise that occured when someone entered a room, or make it my own sound file. I never imagined that someone could not only create a program, but also build in a scripting engine that was so easy to learn that as a 10 year old, i did.

Now what we need is an environment for Wyze just like that. The beauty of a in house created scripting environment is that Wyze can limit the functions to things that will allow you to set up automations in a simple way, and keep from allowing functions that can introduce viruses or anything of that nature. being selective about the controls allowed, allowes wyze team to stay in control.

The following should be how its split up:
aliases/functions : these were functions. you could program a function to call, re use of code.
Triggers: These were triggers. an event might be whenDoorOpens. then you could {doFunction}
UIs: this should give the user some control of the UI poppups to launch aliases.

the triggers should be set off when something happens, much like the current app does, but you should be able to do some simple scripting.

lightTurnsOff.bedroomlight: {turnOffLamp}

and in aliases:
turnOffLamp(){;here we call a built in function, howerever wyze wants to name it, that turns off the lamp.}

IF wyze creates this, they will be the leaders in the automation market until someone copies them. no one else in the market will compare as far as i know.

I’ve been using Hubitat’s Rule Machine for over 2 years, and before that I used WebCore on SmartThings that is now also available on Hubitat along with the ability to write Groovy (a Java like language) applications.

However, I support asking Wyze to add this to their product line.

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