Complete motion

The event clips in the app are tagged as CM and have timestamps of up to 5:00 which I’ll assume means the clip is 5mins long, but when I view the clips they are much shorter - like 20 seconds.
Am I being thick?

That’s indeed what it indicates, but it’s obviously a bug of some sort. 5 minutes is the maximum length of a CMC recording, although it will just split if a motion event lasts longer than this, so you don’t lose any actual motion recording.

In your case, though, they couldn’t possibly be 5 minutes long, since the timestamps are a minute apart from each other. So it’s just mis-reporting the length for some reason. You could report the bug if you want. This is how to do that:

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It is a timestamp error, but also a recording error. If I look at a clip recorded with CMC, the clip ends before the motion stops. I can confirm this further by playing back the continuously recoding SD card. So it seems the CMC isn’t always capturing the full motion. Probably just teething problems which are to be expected.

Checkout the same screenshot a few hours later, the 1st 5:00 clip has now changed to 01:06 (It is actually 1min 20s long, so still not accurate). This clip stops when there is still motion, as shown in the 2nd screenshot below.

And finally, the next clip (tagged as 12.52 5:00 duration in the screenshot) actually starts at 12.52.43, so there is approx 50 seconds of motion missing between the two clips. This clip goes for 30 seconds, not 5 mins.

Hi @tombsc. Could you please post the specific app and firmware versions that you have installed? :slight_smile:

Maybe it was still uploading. I’m not sure. Sometimes videos will misreport the length If they’re cut off prematurely, and it seems like that is happening. I’ve downloaded half-videos that will report they’re like 3 days long, when they’re supposed to be a 4-minute clip or something. (Not Wyze, just generally) When you actually play the video, it ends whenever the download got interrupted. I’m guessing the camera recorded the full motion but the video got cut off during upload for some reason. And the server is smart enough to know the maximum length of 5 minutes so it cuts it off there

Makes sense that maybe the internet connection went out during that time, I didn’t think of that. I’ll keep monitoring and see if it happens again, although it’s rare my wife is gardening for so long!
App version 2.6.42
Cam version

Well, if it’s what I think it is, it doesn’t mean the clip is actually that long. It means that the video file is sort of “corrupted” before the whole video is uploaded, and it misreports the length as being longer than 5 minutes. But the whole uncorrupted video might only be a minute. Wyze just shows 5 because that’s the maximum it supports.

Yes that could be so, however if I view the full playback at that time (from the SD card), the motion didn’t stop when the recording stopped. So the recording should have been 5mins+, but was only 1min.
I think it must have been an internet/wireless issue but will monitor further until the trial runs out.