Complete Motion Capture Website Ready for Beta Testing

Please see this comment in the thread. :slight_smile:

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It’s a different version of the app, yes.

@ArthurH - since a few people seem to be getting confused, it might be worth editing the original post and posting something right next to the URL that says something like:

“This is for users of the beta app and beta firmware only. For more information about being a beta tester, click here.”

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Since my topic (and 2 others from other users) were merged, I didn’t receive a reply notification. Figured the issue out on my own, and when I came to my thread to post the resolution I’m case others were having the same issue, I then see the posts were merged, and saw the reply indicating that the beta version of the Wyze app was needed. Wish I had seen it sooner, so I didn’t have to do all of the googling I did. Lol.

Just a suggestion (especially for those Wyze users that don’t visit the forums (I don’t believe I ever did u til this issue, and I’ve been a Wyze user for about a year or so … in the email I received yesterday, there was no mention at all about needing the beta version of the app. Just that CMC was in beta testing, and it had a link to sign up for the service, with a discount code to add more cameras to the 14 day trial at no cost. It would probably be helpful for some people if y’all resent that email, but put a note mentioning that the beta app is needed, and a link to it.

Just my .02.

Other than that/this minor issue, y’all have been doing a phenomenal job as far as products go, and I can’t wait for the upcoming smart lock and doorbell!

Just in case anyone else was having the issue I had, here’s my reply that I had typed up and was going to post, u til I saw themerged pairs and the reply above. Hope this might help someone…

Well, I was able to get the issue resolved on my own (while getting a hunch from jerryfromthecape’s reply above)

I did some google “investigating”. I found a page on the Wyze website that said about making sure your app was up to date (mine was). I double checked everything on that page and my app, and was coming up empty.

So I was still wondering about jerryfromthecape’s mention of a beta app, so started digging around google for a reference to that. I found this Wyze page, about becoming a beta tester. Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

I already had TestFlight installed from another app that I use the beta version of, so I skipped to step # 2 (I’m using iOS/iPhone) and was able to download the beta version of the Wyze app (which replaces the standard version). Then after updating each camera’s firmware (they had previously all been up to date, but I guess there’s an even newer version to go along with the beta version of the app), I was then able to go into the “account” tab on the app, go to “Wyze services”, and enable “Complete Motion Capture”.

I’ll have to see if that all fixes the issue, but it sure seems so. I find it odd, because in the email I received yesterday from Wyze regarding the beta version of the CMC service, nowhere did it mention having to download/use a beta version of the main app. It just said to make sure to have the most up to date version of the app, which I did. But I guess they meant the current version of the beta app, although there was no mention of “beta” anything, other than saying that the CMC service was available for beta testing.

I’m fairly technically savvy, and had this issue. I can’t imagine how many novice Wyze users are having the same issue I had. Hopefully this post can help some others.

Oh, that makes sense. I didn’t realize they’d sent an email blast about it in the first place. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks or so. That’s when they first introduced it to the beta testers. As far as I knew, Wyze had only communicated about the feature through Beta channels so far. (such as the Beta section on the forum.)

If they sent an email blast about it to the general user base, I definitely get why people would be confused about that. I didn’t realize that had happened.

Yeah, if they sent an email to all users about it, that seems like a mistake or oversight, honestly. I definitely get why people wouldn’t realize that’s necessary.

@ArthurH - I just noticed something, and I wanted to ask – is the lookback feature gone with the new CMC? If so, I doubt it was intentional, so I thought you might want to look into it.

With the included 12-second cloud clips, event videos always included ~2 seconds before the start of motion. From what I can tell, the new CMC clips seem to start immediately after the motion begins. I’ll post two clips for comparison:



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Actually, now that I went back to double check email, I’ll clarify just a bit further. The email was a “recap” of some posts on the forum (I believe that’s the first such email I had ever received). But anyway, the first part of the email mentioned that Beta testing of CMC was available, and the link forwarded to a post to here, the community forum. Within that post it gave directions on how to sign up for the beta testing of CMC, but didn’t mention anything at all about needing to download the beta version of the app. Maybe that post should just be edited to make a mention of needing the beta app?

Here’s the link to that post from the email that was sent out: Complete Motion Capture Website Ready for Beta Testing

Edit: I was just reading that thread/post in the link I posted, and realized that it’s now THIS thread. I guess when 3 threads were merged earlier, it was all added to that thread which was sent out in the email. :joy::joy::joy:

Oh, I see. I think those are automated emails that the forum software sends out. I think it just picks topics it thinks you might be interested in, or popular topics. Well, for future reference, everything in the “Beta” section of the forum is for users of the beta app/beta firmware.

In general, since this section of the forum is only really intended for beta users, it seems like it might be overkill to announce “This is only for beta people” on every post. But I’m not sure what the best way of doing it is. Maybe there’s a way to soft-lock this section of the forum, so that you have to “opt in” in order to see posts in this section? I’m not sure.

@WyzeGwendolyn – Do you know if this is possible using Discourse? There’s already the beta “Group” that you can opt into, with the forum software. Maybe this section of the forum should be locked until a user opts into it manually? The lock screen could include instructions for how to do that. It’s not intended to keep anybody out, per se – just to avoid confusion for people who wind up confused in threads that are intended for beta features.

The deal is you get the privilege of being able to order black cams on black friday.

I was was going to respond to your post this morning but I see that you already have it working.
I am not sure how I learned about CMC being available as I never visit the Beta Forum, but it let me sign up having a regular app and even took my credit card information, and then sent me a subscription confirmation email.

The payment options needs PayPal available. I seriously do not like giving any credit card info to various businesses/websites with all the hacking that is going on with various platforms, etc.


I second that :disappointed_relieved:


I just re-activated CMC through the website and picked the same camera I had for my CMC trial, but I was still getting standard event clips not CMC. When I went into the Wyze app → Accounts → Wyze Services → Complete Motion Capture, nothing was listed. I had to tap the plus button and pick a camera to assign the subscription to.

I wonder what the point is of picking the camera on the Wyze Service website when it doesn’t activate CMC on that camera, and doesn’t prevent the subscription from being applied to a different camera in the app. Not a huge deal, but why not remove that step from the website, or have it auto-activate CMC on the selected camera?

Just be sure to use a credit card, and not a debit card. If there’s fraud on your account with a credit card, the issuing bank is legally required to take the fall. And obviously check your credit card bill once a month or so to make sure you recognize charges.

Debit cards are different, and your fraud protection may depend on the bank.

Not that I’d expect any problems specifically from this billing system in the first place, but it’s a good piece of general knowledge.

Disposable credit card numbers have been convenient for me, as is PayPal


As a small business owner having many things setup on auto pay, etc… We honestly prefer to use PayPal, especially when doing things on websites. I do not have time to fight with things, rebalance things, adjust payments, etc WHEN a credit card number gets stolen… plus, having to cover late fees on things that were not able to be paid on time because of that type of fraud is… ugh.

Oh, and PS — we check our bank accounts DAILY because of things like that. Now thankfully we haven’t had an issue for about a year with having to change out cards. Also, none of these issues were because of breaches on our computers — it was either on websites that didn’t secure them correctly for one reason or another, or because the store had a breach (Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc).

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The tough thing with disposable CC numbers is you can’t really use them easily on subscriptions :wink:

Yeah. I wonder if they’ll have a pay-ahead option. Like 12-month prepay or whatever. Yours is a good example for why that would be useful for people. It would also be cheaper for them, since the credit card processing fee is probably a much higher chunk of $1.49 than $17.88 ($1.49 x 12)

I would guess they’re probably paying 10-15 cents at least, to process $1.49 every month. But it would probably only be 2-4x as much to process the higher amount, even though it’s 12 times as much money.

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I find it great for subscriptions. They cannot bill me once I cancel.


Looking at your video, it doesn’t look like you have the Person Detection turned on for that camera. If it was, you would see a logo next to the Wyze logo in your video. At least, that’s what I see on my cameras.