Complete Motion Capture broke rule

My rule to turn on a plug and light when my camera detected motion broke when I added Complete Motion Capture to the camera. Can you not use rules with complete motion capture?

I still get notifications from the camera it just doesn’t trigger the lights and plug any more.


You appear to be correct. I have CMC enabled on a camera. So I made a rule to turn on a light and while I did get a motion notification it did NOT turn on the light.

This appears to me to be an error. Can anyone on say Android and iOS try to be sure?

For the record I am on iOS 13.3 Beta 4
Wyze App 2.6.62
Bulb Firmware
Pan Cam running CMC Firmware

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I only have one rule set up for motion from a camera and it only changes the brightness of an outside bulb, so I had not noticed anything wrong since the bulb still turned on (not controlled by cam). I just checked my rules history and yes the rule stopped working with CMC enabled. This is on Android.


Interesting, so it seems there is an incompatibility between rules and CMC? @WyzeGwendolyn can you confirm this? Or is this something unexpected that we should report to support?


I’ll share this with the team!