Complete absence of IFTTT tabs for WYZE Lock

Hey, folks, yet again.

Still having no luck with WYZE geofencing, after almost 2 years. Multiple support tickets and never a response from WYZE. (And NO, I have little/no trust in them properly supporting anything else on my security & camera system that I could have purchased from them).

So, mr. or mrs. WYZEguy, here we go. One of the most popular responses when the geofencing (which appears to have been an inoperative feature of the WYZE app ever since I bought this lock) is to explain away the app’s non-functioning with a referral to go set up on IFTTT since the WYZE app won’t work right.

Fine! I know what that is and how it works. I am smarter than most house-plants! HOWEVER… once again, WYZE goes the extra mile to disappoint when you go and do exactly as instructed, get the fencing area set up, and click over to “Then”, find the WYZE section, and find that THERE ARE NO TABS FOR THE !@#$%^ WYZE LOCK AT ALL ON THE LIST OF AVAILABLE COMMANDS!!

For crying out loud, who is the Project Manager on the lock? Do they have any idea how poorly WYZE is supporting their product? Do they care?!? Or do they show up everyday ready to do a lousy job and frustrate customers??

I think not. WYZE employees are probably hard workers and stretched thin, with all this new product being introduced. This will inevitably result in your current product going unsupported and current customers getting frustrated with you people, and the company that employs you.

Stop this unchecked growth you are undertaking, and build a reputation for supporting your customers. That would have made my ownership experience more pleasant.

And, yes, I will be calling you people every so often to see if you have gotten your act together and begun to adress the complaints being addressed to you by others.

What I have seen, primarially relating to you WYZE Lock, is unacceptable.