Company Follow Through

I have tried all the tips and tricks to lesson the battery drain the lock causes. No notifications, No auto anything. Not using rechargeable batteries but 1.5V alkaline Duracell that I may get a week of life from. I love the idea of the lock but not the additional $80 a year in operational costs. I bought the thing because I had grown weary of griping at a teenager that can’t seem to remember to lock the front door. At this point for $80 a year I can go back to nagging the kid. After all learning to lock your home seems like a worthwhile life investment. The lock however… not so much.

For sale - Wyze Lock - $200. The lock is free but you need to buy a Costco membership to buy batteries and an environmental fee for battery disposal.

I too fell victim to my camera’s not recording humans. Sure I love the occasional squirrel being recorded. But despite what my dogs tell me I don’t fear the squirrel. But low an behold I subscribe to the add-on service of a poof - People are back and being recorded.

And while I love the new product push I would rather see better existing product correction. I mean the hippy dippy lightbulb would be fun for about a week it’s not helping your existing customer base. And yet I love this company. My fears are two fold.

  1. I fear they are slowly becoming the company they used to fight against. You can do better.
  2. My upcoming Wyze watch will open my damn garage door every time the alarm goes off. But for an add of 13.95 a year I can stop that and get the Julianne Fry attachment.


Feeling UnWyze.

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I’m eagerly waiting for the julienne fry attachment. Really though I can relate, it seems pretty obvious where the company priorities are. New products are better than old ones, and more is better than less.

I recommend eufy cameras; they are lightyears better than wyze in every way

Huzzahs! At least if I was buying this stuff from China (which I specifically did NOT do because I didn’t want to be having these issues down the road!) when I was unable to get the !@#$%^& thing to do what the manufacturer claimed it would (and continues to do so years later), eventually replacing it and so afraid that the next company will be as ineptly run as the one before.

Here’s my wild eyed speculation. What if the exec’s at WYZE are just taking all that VC cash, dumping it into creating what appears to be a broad portfolio of innovative products with an eye of selling towards quickly selling the US brand overseas, maybe India or China. Why would it make sense to create depth into such an organization with a goal towards creating a reputation of satisfied, almost evangelical fans (which certainly can be done- Apple, Amazon, Southwest, & the like- but is so expensive to do and requires the company to actually APPRECIATE their present customers, listen to them and move towards addressing those concerns, not just with pretty promises, but by addressing them.

I’m not going to buy my next vehicle from Chrysler. I am not switching my cell phone service to Comcast, and I find precious few reasons I should buy anything electronic from a company that has no apparent interest in seeking out and implementing concrete solutions. Often losing some money and expending a great deal of effort for little or no reward.

Except for the creation of a more stable corporate foundation. I can hear the WYZE boardroom… “but I don’t WANNA! That’s so BORING! So 1921! Begone!”.

Engineering does NOT seem to be among leaderships’ top priorities, except where it can feeds exponential growth.