Coming, but not going?

Hello All,


I bought the WYZE 1080p so I can remotely see the time at which our dog walker arrives to pick up our dog, and the time at which the dog walker leaves with our dog. My guess is the difference is 1 or 2 minutes.

Today is the first day I’m using the WYZE 1080p. I saw the alert at the time when the dog walker arrived, but it has now been 30 minutes and haven’t seen an alert for the dog walker leaving. Obviously, the dog walker could be setting up camp in my house but is probably not.

Is there a setting I should adjust that would allow for more frequent alerts?




Due to the free nature of the cloud storage for motion alerts, there is a mandatory “cool down” period of five minutes between the 12 second video clips.

Your best bet is to install a microSD card in the camera. You can then set it to locally record motion as long as it is occurring with no clip limits or cool down periods. After the initial cloud alert notification is received, you can then go into View Playback to see what was saved on the SD card starting from the time of the initial motion alert.

Hi RickO,

Thanks so much for your helpful message which gave me a few good ideas about how to proceed!

Is there a user’s manual that I should have read, which would give information about things like the five minute cool down period?



If you click the Support link at the top of this page, there are tons of FAQs and video help available.