Color changing bulbs

Can more colors be added to the list of available colors? If not, how about adding that option. I think it would be cool to b able to change the color to whatever you could think of.

Welcome to the forums! Where do you see this list? Can you not change your colors with this?



I can change the color of my bulb, I was talking about an option to add even more colors. The colors are limited to default pre-installed colors.

Instead of using the pre-installed Scenes, you can create an endless list of your preferred color Scenes. Tap anywhere on the color wheel to change the color to your liking, set your preferred brightness and then hit “Save” to the right of “Scenes”. You can manage your personal list of Scenes by clicking the gear icon in the upper right, then tap Scenes.

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Can you give an example of what your looking for?

The color bulbs are advertised with having “16 million colors” - but it sure doesn’t visually seem that many when attempting to fine-tune colors on my color bulbs.

For example, I’m trying to get a deep, dark purple - and I just can’t seem to tune it right.