Color bulbs stop working, white bulbs just fine

Google Nest APs… three nodes, one router.

Color and White bulbs in Wyze app imported into Google Home.

Color bulbs (2) are in Bedroom, White bulbs (4) are in Living room.

One color bulb stopped working, replaced, two days later stopped working, then the other color stopped working. Color bulbs were purchased as a four pack, two have never been used.

Color bulb four pack purchased via Amazon in Feb of 2022.

White bulbs have no problems.

The color bulbs never enter pairing mode again, and do not turn on.

Wyze app has no events other than cameras, and color bulbs are just offline cloud icons.

Bring white bulbs into the bedroom… no problem (three days now…)

Did the color bulbs really all die at the same time? From simply age?

Color bulbs just seem to be a no-go…


Thanks in advance.

Did you try the color bulbs in a different location/fixture (i.e. not in the bedroom)?

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