Color bulbs forget their color settings

I have 3 Wyze color bulbs set to a group which allows me to set one rule to turn them all on and/or off. The problem is that over the course of a week or so, the bulbs will change color settings. One day one bulb will be yellow while the other two are white. Then one of the white bulbs will be yellow while the other white one is still white and the one that was yellow will now appear to be reddish or bluish. I can set the color of all three bulbs in the group to one single color but that does not mean the next day they will all be that color. Sometimes they will stay the same color for several days, other times its only a day. But it does seem to only occur when the lights are turned off and then back on the next day. The color doesn’t change much but just enough to be noticeable. If I set them to completely blue or red then the color will change slightly from those colors.

Light bulbs Firmware 1.2.0415
App firmware: 2.28.0 (a11)