Color Bulb not showing when shared

Receive my color bulbs all is working fine, but when I try to share the bulb the user accepts the share but no bulb is showing on the other user app. Test with 2 different color bulbs and same results. I deleted the share couple of times and resend it same result. Did it with an original wyze bulb and it shows. Check app versionand is the same I have, restart phone but same result nothing of the color bulb is showing on the shared user app.

What app version do they have, and what do you have? Thanks for atleast saying “is the same”, but for troubleshooting, stating the version numbers and type of device (i do see the title tag of Android) will help a lot more.

Of the wyze app both phones have the v2.19.14. In android I have android 11 and the other android 10