Color bulb Effects with Light Strip Pro

I have 4 color Wyze bulbs and want them to cycle through colors individually. Seems like I MAY be able to do that IF I add a Wyze Light Strip Pro to the same group as the Color bulbs. Is this true? If so, will each individual bulb kinda act like an individual LED on the strip? I can’t find any information on what is possible. The only thing the app says is “Group your lights with a Wyze Light Strip to enable effects and Music Mode.”

They operate independently cycling through what ever effect and colors you have turned on.

This is how mine looks
The 3 color bulbs are above the island
Light strip Pros over and under cabinet
BR30s in can lights


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Ooooo. Impressive. So, the bulbs can have a cascade effect where one turns blue, then the next one turns blue, then the next one turns blue? Or do they all turn blue at the same time?

The animated gif is hard to tell what is happening.


Yea, sorry. All I had that would fit here.

But yes, they should roll similar to how the effect is setup. While they are in a group they still follow the effect pattern.

The animated gif was made using the Music Mode and the song was a bit “Clubbish” so it was moving pretty fast.