Codes on deadbolt locks

My neighbor, the thief, keeps getting a code to open my deadbolt lock. This makes my app to stop working. He then comes inside while I’m gone. How do I stop him from getting a code? He knows all my personal information.

Have better security. Maybe change your password. Call police.

  1. change your password on your app account login
  2. turn on 2 factor authentication
  3. change your lock codes (maybe remove the keypad for a while to force people to use to app to get in for added security)
  4. make sure to unshare all your devices
  5. setup a camera and watch your doorway
  6. call police when you have any hard proof at all proving the neighbor does this
  7. Change your WiFi password
  8. get another opinion from someone who knows you and your situation well to see if there is any chance something else is going on and it’s not actually your neighbor breaking in every day