Code 90 possible fix

I had the code 90 error, order a new camera and within the day that one got it as well. Changed to another wire and power source, no change. Changed the IP to static and assigned an address, no change. I took out my SIM card and got it working. As soon as I put the SIM card back in I got the error 90. Currently I do not have a SIM card in either camera that had the error code and both are working great. The wireless signal even went up without it in. This may be a path for you to check out. I am going to order new SIM cards for these two soon.

Since it’s been 2 hours and no moderator seems to have replied -
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You probably need to file a “report an issue”.
On Android this is under Account–> Help and feedback.
SIM cards are only supported if under 32GB and formatted FAT32. I’ve had problems running larger cards, a 64MB would work in one V2, not another.

After you “report an issue” be patient please, apparently the camera is very popular and support is trying to keep up.

If you post the size, brand etc. of the SIM card it may help.

There’s some info here on SD cards
and more elsewhere.

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It’s 3am and I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile now but I deleted the device and added it back and it seems to be working fine now. No blinking lights or error message. I hope this helps someone.