Cmc yearly subscription to service?

Continuing the discussion from Wyze Band Firmware beta test 8/3/2020:

Hi I’m new to this and I have a couple questions. I love my Wyze cams! I have to Cam Pans and 1 wyze cam v2. I was informed that I would receive a year on the cameras that were enrolled in CMC I believe it was. Any way, I just noticed that I have been charged 2 times for a year subscription. At almost $24.00 each. I have no problem paying for my service however I wish I had been informed about the changes and charges ahead. So what do I do?

Please reach out to our customer support team so they can look into the multiple charge issue! Thank you for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:

When you create a ticket, you can let me know the number assigned to it so I can make sure it gets into an agent’s hands ASAP!