CMC Video missing first 5 to 10 seconds

It appears that CMC videos are missing the event that triggered them. Or at least most or all of the lead up. Attached is a full CMC video which shows the people walking that I presume triggered the event. But it only shows them for a split second at the start of the video. Jumping back in the continuous recording it’s obvious this should have been a person detection candidate but was not.

iOS app 2.6.58 Beta
Cam Pan firmware is
iOS 13.2.2 production

Here is the video from the SD Card

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Yes, I’ve already mentioned this a couple times. I tagged a few Wyze people in my posts, so hopefully they’re aware of it already. Pre-CMC, there was about a ~2 second lookback shown before the event. Post-CMC, the recording seems to start immediately after the event.

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Well, your video is definitely missing more than what I was talking about. But it’s a similar issue.
Did it definitely not record a video before that one? I’ve seen some people talk about it splitting the event videos, for example. But the one you showed definitely seemed to miss the whole event.

The next closest event to that one was over an hour ahead of it. Also notice the thumbnail clearly shows the people but they are only briefly visible on the event video.

That’s interesting. Might be worth sending them your logs. I’d be curious to know what caused the failure.

Its spotty, but it does happen. I have had two Wyze folks on threads I was discussing this and so far no interest so they must have enough data. This event video just popped up and you can see much more of it, and the person is roughly on the same path. Weird.

I wonder if it’s a connection strength issue… I would think not, since I assume the camera would start recording whether it can ping the server quickly or not – but I don’t know for sure. Is there a reasonably strong WiFi connection to the camera?

Mainly I’m wondering because your camera seems to be more inconsistent than mine with your motion capture. I saw your video in another thread, too. Mine’s not capturing the couple seconds before motion like it did before CMC, but it’s pretty consistent in the amount of video missing. Seems like about 2 seconds less at the beginning, across-the-board. Yours seems to be ranging from 3-4 seconds to, like… 15!

The camera is mounted outside but only about 20 feet from my router, signal strength is very good for it as you can see.

Yeah, your signal is better than mine. Well, I don’t know. It’s strange that yours would be so inconsistent. The camera is obviously detecting motion internally, because you’re getting the motion highlighting on your SD video. Network issues seem like the only thing that might cause that kind of inconsistency, but there’s no good reason the camera should rely on network connectivity to START recording the video anyway. (If it does)

I would say about 70% of the CMC videos I get have the majority of the first part missing. That same guy walks his dog 4-5 times a day, and there are times the camera does not even trigger an event at all. And no its not a cool down issue, I checked.

I also notice “skipping” of frames in the playback video where objects moving seem to “jump” forward. You can see it in the video of the two ladies I made. But if I pull the SD card and hand assemble a video from the one minute clips there is no “skipping”.


I did notice that, yeah. That’s unusual too. I wonder if the camera is faulty in some way

Possible but I have seen others say the same thing about the skipping. Even on V2’s as I recall although I could be wrong. In all other respects the camera seems fine, no connection issues or offline episodes. A few months ago I did a wireless survey and changed the router channel. I changed the channel to match when I got the new router. I have not had connectivity issues at all except for occasional issues with the sensors.

I know some folks on here have had issues when they changed channels but frankly I think they are conflating two different things. I spoke with our senior network engineer and he said they change wireless channels all the time with no ill effects. When I changed channels here every camera was fine, came back online right after the router did.

Is yours a V1?
Edit: Oh, I see. It’s a Pan.

The Pan is, all my non Pans are V2’s

There’s only one version of the Pan, right?

I believe so.

Cool. Well, I do think you should try to send them your logs. If the cam weren’t detecting the motion at all, I’d say to adjust your sensitivity settings, but the green box is showing up on your SD video, so there doesn’t seem to be much of a legitimate reason it shouldn’t have recorded that to CMC

I agree, there is ample evidence that the camera identifies motion, as you pointed out I have motion tagging turned on and that works. As you can see my settings are fine if I go much higher on the sensitivity level I get a lot of alerts from foliage moving in the wind.

Hi! Did you ever resolve this issue with your camera? I’m having the same issue.

I wonder if this is related to the general motion detection irregularities?

I do not have CMC, just Person detection.

For example, sometimes my V2 picks up people right away, from as they enter the detection area. Other times, for the same people walking the same path, the clip starts as they are half to 3/4 way across the detection area. There are days the V2 never creates a clip when they walk across.

My WCO is aimed the opposite direction. Similar patterns for Person clips, though the Person detection is technically not supported on WCO for some reason it randomly tags clips. This is how I know if those neighbors walked by and the V2 never registered them.