Cloudy picture

I’m using the cam v2 indoors and initially the image was really clear. Lately, the image appears cloudy with a slight yellowish hue. Firmware is the most current as of today. Anyone else experienced this?

Hello @HawaiiUser

I have not noticed any change in the picture quality/Color, Could you post a screen shot of the discolored image?



Looks normal to me, other than the fact that the sun is glaring through the window throwing the white balance off. Is the picture normal when the sun isn’t Shining bright through the window?

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It’s the same day or night. The smoky appearance and the yellow tint wasn’t there a few weeks ago. The image was very sharp and clear back then. I Initially thought the lens got dirty. As for the yellow tint, I’m not using any fluorescent lights (those type of lights cast a yellow hue).

Try switching the IR on and off also power cycle the camera

Thanks, tried that, still the same. Here’s an additional photo that cloudy

This is taken from a third camera. This is how clear the image from the other two cameras were once.