Cloud motion detection vs Sd card motion detection


Using V1 camera on Android. I noticed that the motion detection video on moving objects on the SD card is very choppy compared to the same motion detection video recorded to the cloud (see attached).

Anyone else experiencing that?

Hope this can be fix as it makes the sd card motion detection video pretty useless.


Hi, I don’t think this is intentional. The SD card videos should be the same quality as the cloud alerts. The only reason I can think of is possible video quality loss on phone playback. Can you take out the SD card from your camera and search your video based on date, hour, and minute? Then you can play it on a PC or a Mac and compare the raw video quality.


I took out the card and tried it on 3 different computers (Win Vista, Win 7, Win 10) using both VLC and Windows media player. The problem exists on all computers with both VLC and WMP. Both even stops playing the file when this occurs.

This problem behavior exists on both of my V1 cams. It looks like if as soon as there is motion close to the cams, the video skips frames (3 seconds) and gets choppy. This occurs on the recorded file on the SD card. I did not check yet if it also occurs when using Live Stream. Will check that out also when I have a chance.


@FWM then next time you fill up the mSD card and back it up to a drive on you PC, can you init the mSD and run the h2testw program to see the reported write speed? Just to rule the mSD out as a possible cause.

More info about h2testw in this thread

Can you possibly email me ( or share out a 1-minute choppy video from your SD card? I can pass that to the devs to take a look. Choppy videos are usually because of missing some frames. When alert happens, the CPU will be busy analyzing the frames, uploading to the cloud, and store to SD card at a same time. If the CPU is slow on processing everything fast enough, it can result into losing frames. Our CPU is tight but should have the capacity though.

One more question, does it happen for every alert time?


You can get the choppy video in the link above. One of the files is ok (cloud file) while the other is choppy (SD card file). Let me know if you still need another one (from the SD card) send to your email.

However, I just made an interesting discovery. The same thing occurs with the Live Stream. However, if I turn off the cloud motion detection, then both the live stream and recorded video on the SD card are fine.

I really, really wish that you could provide an option to bypass the cloud recording all together but still allow the push notifications. Right now, if I turn off cloud motion detection, I can not receive push notifications for motion, sound, etc. I wish I could use only the sd card for motion/sound detection especially since the cam might not be powerful enough to do both cloud + sd card motion recordings.

If you wish to test it out yourself, turn on both cloud motion detection and SD card record on motion and walk toward your cam while checking the live view. You should get the same results as I have (choppy skipping frames video) I would think. If the cloud is within the 5 minutes “timeout” period, therefore not recording/uploading anything, then both Live Stream and SD motion recording are ok.

Again, Let me know if you want me to email you another choppy file from the sd card.


p.s. I am using SanDisk Ultra Class 10, 32 and 16 Gb cards.



Hi Tyuan,

Just sent you a choppy video.


Thanks, will try that out when I get a chance. Both of my cards are brand new SanDisk ultra Class 10 that I bought from Costco and BestBuy. I just tried it again just now using two brand new Sandisk 32Gb and 64Gb cards and the same thing occurs. I turn on both cloud motion detection and sd card motion detection, walk toward the cam with my phone or tablet looking at the Live stream and I get choppy video on both the live stream and recorded file on the sd card as soon as motion is detected. The only non choppy file is the 12 seconds cloud file.

Yes, I got it. That should be enough for now. Thanks!

I also just started using a Sandisk 16GB micro SD card. Playback is very choppy with the time advancing one frame every 2 seconds. I hope you all fix this!!!

Did you ever figure anything out regarding choppy video? I have the same issue with both of my cams and nothing seems to fix it.