Close account in other devices

I consider this option as a critical function to warranty our privacy. This is my experience: around two or three months ago, me and my mom were mugged in a pizza shop.

That obviously makes me change all my passwords and bank account info once I arrived to my house.

When I was looking for the option to close my Wyze account in other devices, I surprised it wasn’t available.

I know it couldn’t sound important: my cellphone was locked and the only way to get in is by a hard reset.

Thanks God my number wasn’t linked with the app. It is important because I have a friend which had a similar experience. The thieves immediately used his SIM card to hack all his accounts: FB, Tw, Ig, Wp, etc.

So that’s why I don’t have nothing linked to my cellphone even if I can recover my number later. I prefer to prove that I’m real instead these people have a chance to get all my personal info. All of this are critical moments to take over again our privacy as users.

The only thing I really take care is my personal email and constantly I’m changing my password and I have another device that is always in my room precisely for this kind of emergency situations.

So, this is an option that I consider really really important to take over about our privacy. Specially because Wyze app never close your account if you don’t do it from the place your using it even if you change your password.

Consider this: you have your house cameras or important places linked in your app where someone else can see all what you do if they change your password through your phone number.

Hi @p.panalesnolasco and welcome to the Community forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What was stolen at the pizzeria? Not sure what you are asking for or understanding what this #Wishlist item requests. Have you enabled 2-Factor Auth?

Agree, do not have my cell phone linked to any real bank or personal items, do not have any camera in my home, use a seperate phone e-mail address, do not give my cell phone number to anyone, etc.


Sorry if my English is not good enough. I made the post because Wyze support recommend me to do it. So that they could consider it to enable a function like this in the future.

I guess the correct verb is “mugged”: someone threaten me with a gun and makes me gave him all what I had.

What I’m asking for is a function that most of the bank, social networks and market places online have or, at least, they let you disconnect from other devices if you ask them: my devices → disconnect x device from this account.

The problem is: Wyze doesn’t allow you to disconnect from a previous device even if you change your password. I consider this is a big problem because neither Wyze support can disconnect you from other devices (that’s what they told me). Is not about a 2 step factor authentication.

Thanks for reading!

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