Clone Rules

I have created numerous rules on my phone - scheduling quantity 4 Cam 3 cameras. I would like to clone all my rules to my wife’s phone. I assume there is no way to easily and quickly clone or copy my rules to another phone?

The rules will be there if you are using one account. No need to clone. If your wife has a different account, then the rules will not be applicable to her phone. The Rules are created by the owner of the account and cannot be shared. You could run into issues if She creates Rules under her account for the same bulbs, camera’s, plugs, etc. Basically you put the rules together and let them run.

Shortcut Rules would make sense, I recreated the Shortcut rules for my wife. She can turn lights on and off in the house as she sees fit. However, the scheduled Rules and Triggers just fires when needed to.


Very dumb question, how do I make the second phone work on the same account. Do I login on the second phone as I would on my phone?

You are correct regarding scheduling. It is the Arm, Disarm, Siren Off/On. Overall - now that you responded, the shortcuts are simple and will take but a few minutes to recreate. The schedules I have created and as you suggested, do not need to be recreated. Thanks

Never a dumb question. :slight_smile:

Yes, simply logon to the phone with your account and all devices, rules, etc. will be there.


No problem, glad it helped