Climate Sensors Review (HMS Temperature and Humidity Sensors)

I think I am tracking. Pic 1 shows event registered. Pic 2 shows that alerts aren’t muted. Pic 3 is my iOS notifications appear active. Is the next step to download standard release version and see if Beta has a bug? Are you getting Alerts? (btw, I have noticed the same alert issue with Leak Sensor today, dipping it in/out of water to test).

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Interesting, maybe it’s an iOS bug you’ve discovered. I only have android. We’ll have to see if any our other iOS users can replicate and see if their notifications work or not.

False alarm. It’s a Beta app issue. I’ve reverted back to non-Beta version and works as expected. Apologies for the fire drill.

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I definitely agree about the following:

  1. Ability to Group sensors to minimize real estate on the app screen.
  2. Ability to link a sensor to a specific thermostat as additional “current temperature” input to the thermostat. (And since I’ve got 2 thermostats for different areas, I need to be able to specify which sensors would go with which thermostats.)
  3. Ability to calibrate with an adjustment factor like you can with the thermostat. (I’m showing that the sensor is reading 1 degree F higher than actual and 2% higher than actual humidity.)
  4. Alexa support (I’m presuming this will come with a future update.)
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Great review. I too am a big fan. I also agree with the suggestions for improvement you included.

I really like the stove temperature alert idea.

I have put two sensors in my refrigerators. I want to be alerted if they should go out themselves or the power go out for the GFI breaker trip. So far after a week the 37° refrigerator temperature has not affected the sensors.

I also put one close to my thermostat. I want to be alerted if the temperature goes above a certain setpoint. That would indicate that my AC is not running. I have had my AC unit and thermostat cut out because of my condensation line being backed up. Since I am often gone three or four days at a time I would not want that to happen and go unaddressed.

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The Fridge idea is another great example of why we would want to be able to choose which sensors are used in the environment tab or a thermostat balancing. We could use them in the fridge, but wouldn’t want those sensors being considered toward the house environment average, we’d only want those fridge sensors to be used as alerts about the fridge temp/humidity. Great example. I am glad to hear they’re working well that way, I may get some more for my 2 fridges. It will also help alert me if someone forgets to close the fridge or something as well as if it’s not working right.

I have put a different manufacturers sensor temperature sensor/data logger in the freezer so as to be able to tell if the temperature went high enough to spoil food. Particularly interested during an extended power outage. Surprisingly the signal got out of the freezer metal box. When my Wyze sensors come in I’ll give the freezer application a test. Curious as to a) will signal be picked up by the hub, b) will it log temperature during a power outage but hub still has power (internal hub battery backup), c) will sensor remember temperatures while even the hub has no power, and report temperature history of the power outage period, when power returns.

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Hi All,

Thanks for this great review on the product itself Carverofchoice and to everyone here, thank you for being Wyze customers and providing such valuable feedback. It’s super great to see the community enjoying the products and improving their own home environment. I wanted to address some of the comments stated here and provide visibility into our to-do list.

1.) Climate sensor group - that will be coming in an upcoming app release. We initially thought that since the behavior of the climate would be different from the motion, entry, and leak (since those are either 1 or 0) that it would be better to have easier access to the climate data on the home page… and since this is a widely asked for feature, we’re moving this up our backlog and tracking to getting this implemented ASAP due to your feedback… so thank you again for that.
2.) Linking to the thermostat is also in the works. Lots of hurdles to jump through on this one, but we’re optimistic that we can get this to work with the thermostat for temperature averaging.
3.) Unfortunately, the temperature can’t be calibrated in the short term. The tolerance is around ± 0,5 C and 3% RH.
4.) 3rd party support is most definitely coming… so stay tuned.
4,5.) the Service improvements to allow you to choose your sensors will also be coming too, so that you can better choose what sensors you would like to be part of your overall aggregation environment. There’s also some other features coming down the pipeline for HMS so stay tuned for those :slight_smile:

Couple of the concerns to follow up on…

1.) For the rules, can you help me understand what the trouble is? The rules on our end has been enabled and tested, and for myself personally, I have a rule set up to trigger my Wyze bulb if my fridge ever went above degrees.

2.) And for the temperature/humidity discrepancy on the home page for iOS, is any one else having this issue. We haven’t been able to find that on our end, but we’re looking into the potential causes of it.

Thanks you again for being awesome!



I have the discrepancy of the Temperature bein 1 degree of from the home screen. This is I experience this on Android. I will post images of this and can provide logs if needed. Please note, these pictures were at the same time for the same Temp Sensor “Suite”. Please also notice that the Graph on the detail screen is cleaner than that on the Android screen.

For your Review Logs are sent for the Suite Temp Sensor:

Submitted via Android: 308846
Submitted via iOS: 308848

iOS Home Screen and Detail Screen for Suite Temperature

Android Home and Detail Screen for Suite which shows 1 Degree Difference


I was in the Temp / Humidity sensor to provide you with information from my previous post. I selected the Gear to submit a log file from Android and selected Wyze Support and submitted the log. I then went into iOS to do the same. tapped on the Temp. Sensor to open it, then selected the gear and went to submit a log from the device. However, the GUI did not display Wyze Support. I did see a white area Below Device info, tapped there and it went to the Wyze Support Page and allowed me to submit the log. So the GUI under the Gear icon is incorrect. I circled, in red, the area that I tapped on my iOS device:

Thank you so much for your reply here @Dchou ! Your input was most welcome news.

I am so happy to hear that sensor groups will be added. This will still allow people to leave the sensors on the home screen for those who prefer them this way like how you like them, but still allow others to put them in a group if that is their preference. Thank you for considering different preferences. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification on future linking to the thermostat. I saw the FAQ for this climate sensor that seemed to suggest this, but I wasn’t sure if the FAQ meant this sensor would eventually have this capability or whether it meant only a separate sensor would have to be used. I am very pleased to read your clarification!

I am excited about the possibility of 3rd party support.

And the other updates too. I am very grateful you took the time to comment on our thread here and wanted to express my appreciation for that.

As for the temperature discrepancy, I’ll show you a video example. Note that the “Upstairs Stove Climate Sensor” says it is at 74 degrees on the home tab, but when I click on it, the temperature says it is 1 degree higher at 75 degrees.


The question is why they aren’t always showing the same number. I mean, it’s close, I assume the home screen is just lagging behind the sensor screen sometimes, but the 1 degree difference will last for a long time sometimes. I can click back and forth for several minutes and the difference will still remain.

In case you wanted a log to review I submitted one for you:

LOG 308854

I’m using Android v2.25.12
Climate sensor firmware

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What version of the Wyze App are you running? 2.25.11 (2) from Test Flight which is the Beta version seems to have broken the Notifications within iOS. If you are on the Beta Version, roll back to the prod version and see if you get notifications.

Yes, it was, I realized that to. Thx!

I tested the notifications on my Android as well and have found that I did not get any notifications for teperature. I have set the notifications up again on the Android Device as yesterday I set it up on iOS. Trying to determine if it is related to OS or simply notifications is not working;

Both of these screen shots shows I had an event but no notifications

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Try the heat boundary. I get notifications for those on Android. I haven’t tested the cool boundary notification or the humidity ones yet though.

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I did when I reset it. The heat boundary worked the cool did not seem to. Will see if I get alerted later tonight.

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Did my test and the Heat Point did notify as expected. However, the graph did not show the Heat point marker on all occurrences.


Just got a Cool Point Notification. So I think it is working, but will monitor.

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Just saw they got the new RC app testing under beta to fix the Temp disparity you pointed out. Well done buddy.

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Saw that and so far it seems accurate. However, I don’t think they meant the Leak Sensor in bullet one. I think it should have been the climate sensor

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Great info. Really like these small sensors.
For linking to thermostat though, that is more of a current marketing trend/hype (championed by Ecobee, Residio, Nest). Even the best sensors and thermostat cannot “fix” a problem with an unbalanced air distribution system.
Using sensors might “move” the sensing point, having it be dynamic, akin to putting the thermostat on a long wire and hauling it around to where one happens to be. It will only adjust the temperature “there”, resulting in other places of the dwelling be either too hot or too cold. Often leading to higher utility bills.
As long as a dwelling consists of only one “zone” (and the vast amount of residentials do) a properly balanced air distribution is far more important than remote sensors. It is sort of the bane of forced air systems, the most simple and primitive heat distribution systems out there (I’m a fan of hydronic heating which puts a whole different level of individual control in different areas, sadly not as commonly seen here in the US).

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