Clear Individual Messages on 47 watch

Just got my watch and love it! But could you release an update where we can swipe to delete individual notifications? Currently you can only delete all notifications at once that show up on the watch

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Welcome to the community.

You may want to post this as a Wish item. Then make sure you vote for it. I think this would be a great addition.

Note: Before you create a Wish for this, you should search to see if it already exists.

@ethanramsey10 Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

The feature you have requested already works on the watch. To delete individual messages, press slightly and slide up. Then press the red delete at the bottom of the message.

EDIT: Correction. The delete messages only works on the 44 mm watch.

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That makes it sound more like a bug than a wishlist item. What other functionality is missing in the 47 that the 44 has?