Christmas purchases/gifts

With the holidays wrapped up it seems like a good time for another poll :slight_smile:

Did you buy Wyze Cams for yourself or others for Christmas?

  • Bought one or more for myself.
  • Bought one or more for family/friends.
  • Didn’t buy any new Wyze Cams.

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Tell us how many you bought, for whom, and why in the thread!

I bought 2 more Wyze Cam v2s for myself before Christmas to complete outside coverage of my house.
I also purchased 1 each for my parents and siblings. Everyone had something they wished they could keep an eye on while they’re gone (doors, yard, pets) but didn’t know where to start. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from each household.

I bought one for my self and set it up. Was pretty impressed, so I bought four more for me and three for my kids and brother. Then the new v2.0 software came out… The timing for me was terrible.