Chime ringing when the button hasn’t even been pushed?

Over the weekend, I’ve noticed that my Chime will make the sound when the doorbells been pushed but no one has pushed the doorbell button.

It’s happened about 3 times now , really strange.

Anyone else?

My VDP is running 1.0.68

Your Wyze chime, or the legacy chime?

Pardon my ignorance

Idk what the legacy chime is…?

The wyze chime that came with the VDP is the one that makes the chime sound randomly throughout the day

Ok, Wyze chime.

Have you moved the Wyze chime to a different outlet? What trouble shooting have you done? What actual app version are you using?

No I haven’t. It’s in the same outlet

I haven’t done any troubleshooting steps

2.38.2 (1)

I’m on IOS

Phantom Doorbell Chimes

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Happened twice in the last 24 hours. Very disturbing given it happened around 11pm and 4am!!


So we got the new V2 doorbell cam and it seemed to happened to us. We noticed it is when the night vision is turned on. No idea why but we manually turned on the night vision and the doorbell rang!

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