Child Fitness Tracker Watch with GPS tracking (SIM) capability

The Fitbit community has asked for this for a DECADE… but they haven’t made it yet. EVERY parent I know is frustrated that there are no fitness trackers (fitbit, garmin, etc.) with GPS capability (i.e. get a sim card from Verizon and add it to your kids’ watch).

We want to make sure our kids are safe… track them on the bus, at the playground, in the neighborhood, etc.

A WATCH (not clip on device) that a child can wear that allows parents to track them via their smart phone (Where’s my iphone?) WITHOUT having a phone/text capability. We want to start tracking our kids when they are LITTLE… for safety reasons. A standard activity tracker is nice and makes it fun for them… but the GPS portion provides PEACE OF MIND which is priceless!! NO company has done this b/c they don’t realize we’ll all buy it and gladly pay the $10/mo for the chip from our cell provider! We don’t need or want a fancy smartwatch (NO GAMES, NO PHONE, NO TEXTING PLEASE!) - just one with the ability to use a chip that allows us to ‘find my device’. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider this option!! PARENTS WILL BUY IT!

There are lots of these watches already, including Xiaomi, Verizon, Lil Tracker, and of course Apple.

Maybe you just read the description and not the text I wrote… reread that and I’m sure it will make more sense to you. The watches you mentioned have phone and texting capability. These features are specifically NOT WANTED in a watch/device for a young child. I hope that helps clarify!

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I like your idea and agree there is opportunity in this segment for a simple low cost solution. Something kinda close to what you are looking for is the Relay for contact with your child and GPS but not giving them a phone to text/call anyone… no fitness features however - RelayGo

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Hmm, the Jiobit is well regarded and proactively chose not to provide a watch form factor for its small device.

Thanks for your note- I checked it out and it definitely has a market- there are devices like this and Angelsense which are perfectly designed to track a child but aren’t wearable. You have to ‘hook’ it on them instead of a watch or they have to hold it. Little kids can’t be responsible for their lunch or their water bottle or backpack - let alone a tracking device. :wink: It needs to be wearable where it won’t be put down or left on a bag. The watch covers that and the fitness tracker part works great because the kid feels like it’s a TREAT to them so they put it on and keep it on.

I’m sure it is well-regarded… as many devices like that are as well. It just doesn’t fit the market share that I’m talking about. There is room for both types of devices. The type I’m discussing has a market too. Here are just a couple notes from Parents of kids using a Fitbit. We all just want the capability of plugging in a sim card for GPS purposes.

I get it and you’re right, it would be a decent niche. It’s weird Jiobit purposely avoided making a watchband version, since it’s certainly small enough. One article said it was because some schools don’t allow watches.

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I am probably going to buy 3 of these for my grandsons. I know Wyze is not thinking about parental usability for the bands but several of us on the forum are. I would buy the bands today if my daughter could set up the app and add all 3 bands with a name for each child (like we do with cameras). If the whereabouts of one child came into question it would be nice to be able to locate them on a map. I am going to research other options before I buy anything, but being an early adopter of Wyze technology I would prefer if they were wyze bands that I purchase. I am proud of Wyze for giving us affordable technology and security.

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Did you find any other solutions??
I am still looking for a watch tracker for kids.

No, there aren’t any out there that use gps without a cell phone link. I just got them# PlayZoom 2 Kids Smartwatch - Video Camera Selfies STEM Learning Educational Fun Games, MP3 Music Player Audio Books Touch Screen Sports Digital Watch Gift for Kids.

My daughter and I decided maybe next year they will have come out with a watch tracker. For now, let the 6 and 7 year olds have fun.